Friday, 29 January 2010


Harrow! Charlotte turns twenty. Gourmet Burger Kitchen/ Brindley Place. Space-themed bar crawl. It's really difficult to do princess leia's buns.

Bath for rebecca wellington's birthday 15/01/2010. Life in the 'rougher end' of Bath. Going on an Austen tour, mincing around the Royal Crescent. The accent 'my lover' etc. A weird subway experience. 20 minutes in Bristol and a five and half hour journey back to Birmingham

Friday, 1 January 2010

NYE @ cb's!

Thank you Charlie for hosting another amazing new years eve party. I broke my tradition of sleeping in the bathroom. 2010 began with maybe 2/3 hours sleep and then a McDonalds, the year can only get better from here. Alot of the pictures that I thought were in focus weren't, should have taken them before drinking really.