Sunday, 2 May 2010

Carey Mulligan

I finally watched An Education last night. I loved everything about it, particularly Carey Mulligan. She is amazing, she has become so successful overnight and she didn't even want to go into acting until a few years ago.I can't wait to see her new film released this September with Shia LeBeouf (also, that is such an odd name, is it actually 'the beef' in French?? weird') Anyway the scene where they drink wine by the Seine made me so excited for my trip to Paris.


This is the next month, no exciting pictures in the near future, just the revision bun, make-up-less tired expression as I face a mountain of sonnets, epics and what feels like everything that was ever written. On the plus side I am at home where I am bought tea and biscuits at regular intervals.
I cannot wait until summer.