Tuesday, 3 August 2010


'Bike mountain'-The city of bikes

So next we went to the Dam, and somewhat unexpectedly, it was great. The myriad of canals were confusing, particularly after numerous visits to coffee shops. I don't think we actually did anything. With our budget we just hired bikes and cycled around fairly aimlessly, going really fast past Anne Frank's house, much to Roz's disappointment.

Cycling was harder than we thought, I don't think I've actually been closer to death than when pedaling for my life past two oncoming trams. Their bells began to become synonymous with fear, kind of like the sirens used during the Blitz. The bike etiquette was also a mystery, which we found out when an angry dutch women screamed 'why would you cycle in the middle of the road?! why?'.

We went to a cool little flea market in Waterlooplein and bought vintage movie posters and postcards and then sat in a random tree house in a park. I was sad to leave.


  1. Facebook stalking has lead to blogstalking and I've now made an account to post this friggin comment. Anywho, I'm loving the photos! looks like you had an incred time in Europe. I swear I told you once that you'd love Amsterdam? maybe not... but I'm glad you did and I agree it is great :)

    ciao for now
    (It's Grace Chapple by the way - I've just realised that my screen name gives nothing away)xxxxxxxx

  2. Hey Grace :)

    Sorry I haven't replied in an age! Been so busy with work and stuff. You did indeed tell me I'd love Amsterdam, and I did! you were very right. I love your brackets at the end where you state you're 'grace chappel'-I'd of known anyway haha xxx

  3. p.s I love how you made an account to post this!