Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Night Trains

If I could give any advice to future interrailers it would be, just don't night trains! It is not economical spending a night on the floor of a carriage in 35c being thrown around as a train accelerates and breaks furiously across the entirety of Germany. To top it off sometimes you are awoken throughout the night by a guard shouting to look at your documents. Don't do it. However, leaving Amsterdam on the train, as the sun was setting was rather nice.


  1. we got two night trains on our trip!

    first one, budapest to krakow, we had bunk beds, could smoke in the room, and didnt get woken up once, SO amazing.

    second one, krakow to berlin, it was a standard train compartment, i slept on the FLOOR, and we got woken up about 6 times in the night to show our passports to angry polish soldiers.

    no fun at all. i feel your pain.

  2. I know, so so bad! why doesn't anyone tell you this! And the train randomly splits in two, Hannah nearly woke up in Zurich, scary. Hope you're cool ck.