Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Ridiculously cliched, but it had to be done on a hungover saturday morning.

After a little delay here are the photos from Joanne's 20th O.A.P themed night. Well done to Joanne's housemated for making such an amazing costume effort. My outfit ended up resembling a Kosovan refugee child, did not realise the dress was a little on the short side for a granny. Chris seemed to resemble your generic Oxbridge middle aged lecturer, whilst the rest of the girls in assorted tea dresses looked like failed vintage try hards.We all enjoyed three macdonalds/burger king's in 24 hours. George got horrifically drunk, we found him searching for his phone on his own outside the club in a deep pool of murky kerside water. We danced like 16 yr olds on strongbow to Academy is and Sum 41 at Scarla and returned back to Joannes lovely house.

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